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All set for the next Afrobeats and Brunch Sale

Accra has played its role as the Equator of fun, relaxation and enjoyment over the last 5 years. With that trend, it has attracted millions of travellers to the country, contributing extra revenue for development.

December last year alone, from the first week till the last, about 150 events were hosted in Accra alone. One of these events was the Afrobeats and Brunch Sale at the Nubuke foundation.

The Afrobeats and brunch sale is a creative community where shoppers, fashion, art, crafts, music, and food lovers come together, to keep the spirit of community, while supporting local business. This year’s event will be held in 4 quarters, starting from 5th March 2022.

At the launch which was held yesterday, the market director Grace Kyerematen said, ” Growing the Ghanaian economy depends on a strong and flexible tourism industry that supports events that promote businesses and culture.”

To Mrs. Kyerematen, The Afrobeats and brunch sale must achieve one common goal: to raise awareness for the economic impact of tourism, by promoting Ghana-made products, manufacturers and brands to the diaspora and the rest of the world.

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