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Craig Is Poised On Changing The A&R Game With Afrobeats.

Bobby Wealth Craig, a peer-leader in the Artiste development and music promotion space is turning heads and stamping his authority in the sphere through Afrobeats.

Coming from an agricultural background, a Spanish town in Jamaica, the young CEO has over time mastered the skill of patience when it comes to growth, he relates his businesses to the planting of seedlings and harvesting of fruits.

Bobby has planted many seeds through entrepreneurship and he knows whatever seeds he plants today won’t bear fruit tomorrow but with patience he will harvest. With dedication, time and effort in watering seeds, everything will fall into place, and that is the principle he used as the foundation of his life.

Having been in the Artists and repertoire (A&R) business for over a decade Bobby has gone a long way, from being a foreigner in an unknown land to becoming the man who helps you get in the game and stay afloat.

The college dropout and self -developed has chalked many successes with major artists like Ghana’s Ahkan (Ruff & Smooth), Deon Boakye just to mention a few.

Bobby, who has always had a passion for music decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a mogul when it comes to everything entertainment-related thus he founded the Wolfpaq marketing company which provides a comprehensive yet explosive growth across social media platforms in diverse ways to serve clients’ needs.

If you are an artist who wants to get onto the international scene, he is the man to team up with.



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