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Dzidzor Kwasi Adjei is giving Ghana a voice in Paris’ iconic fashion scene

His stylish brand of luxury street clothing, ADjéi continues to pump a bit more of Ghanaian DNA into the world’s fashion capital, Paris.

Somehow, as fate would have it, Monsieur Adjei found himself in Paris, fulfilling his dreams by designing tasteful urban clothes and tagging them as “entre street et classique” in his thick Parisian accent. Nonetheless, he is slowly but surely becoming a fashion designer too gifted to ignore, often showcasing his striking products now and then on the Gram. But his life wasn’t always this clear-cut. Decades prior, Monsieur Adjei lived his early years out in Tema under the name Dzidzor Kwasi Adjei unbeknownst to us; just another ordinary kid in the coastal metropolis with a head full of dreams.

Fortunately, all that would change when he moved to Paris, France with one goal in mind – to study fashion. And so, he did, enrolling in the city’s International Fashion Academy (IFA) where he studied both Design and Technology. There, he fantasized about hewing his exotic name into Paris’ long list of potent fashionistas someday: “I wanted to take things a notch higher after attaining my bachelor’s”, he shared in our phone conversation. “And representing Ghana was on top of that list. I wanted to use my designs to communicate what fashion meant to me”.

This dream soon took flight in 2019 under the wings of ADjéi: an extension of the young creative’s mold, Monsieur Adjei. “ADjéi is very special to me. It is more than just a brand: it’s my identity. It is the rope that ties me to the motherland while I pursue my ambition and the canvas on which I express my feelings, emotions and thoughts”. And this is exactly what Monsieur Adjei has achieved in the years that followed; he has created a chic visual language that continues to pump a bit more of Ghanaian DNA into the world’s fashion capital, conveying his feelings, emotions and thoughts through his preferred medium, fabrics.

About his design process, Monsieur Adjei expounded the above: “As the Creative Director, I play every role,” he burst into laughter. “I’m very involved: from beginning to end. It’s a lot of responsibility I take to ensure things get done perfectly! So, my work doesn’t just start and end in the sketchbooks or at the sewing machine. My duties extend into marketing and all that tedious stuff. But it’s all worth it because at the end of it all I’m 100% sure that the final product speaks for itself”.

As it stands, he continues to be the Creative Director of his luxury streetwear brand which has so far made custom fits for the likes of Ghanaian artists, B4Bonah and BiQo. He’s also collaborated with French rapper, Cheu-B and more recently with Parisian music artist, BUNNY for the second line of his annual releases, ADÖRN Fall 23 – a collaboration that was covered by photographer, Patrick Kluine to again put on display the subtlety of the Ghanaian-born Parisian’s mind. It’s very obvious Monsieur Adjei has a lot more to give and with his heart entirely in what he does, Ghana’s next fashion designer champ may be unfolding right before our eyes.

Check out Monsieur Adjei’s and his clothing line’s Instagram here: |

Instagram: monsieuradjei
Twitter: @monsieuradjei

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