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Enam Releases Official Music Video of No More

Born Angela Enam Keteku to a Ghanaian (Ewe) Father and Nigerian(Igbo) Mother She is the second born of 4 siblings Enam as she is popularly known by stage name grew up with her Grandmother ;

No more is a boom-bap trap soul with emotional rhythm sang in informal English and Twi. This song is based on a personal story that reveals how some Enemies wear friendly masks only to attain their evil goals. This song carries a relatable message common to a lot of people . As love never gets old fashioned /out of the system so is betrayal . Humanity keeps us hoping to find true attachments to hold on to .Unfortunately these efforts always never pay off just like chasing faded footsteps . Seeking love and loyalty where hate and disloyalty reside is a dangerous game



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