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From Sierra Leone To South Africa, Bonang Just Executed A Supreme Fashion Impact In Sai Sankoh Sultry Dress.



When it comes to being an influencer, there is no doubt the first name South African’s will call out is Bonang Matheba. Despite denouncing the title on the breakfast club, making it clear she is not an influencer, but she is influential, she can not stray away from the fact that it is her biggest attribute and that almost any and everything she touches becomes an extreme desire.

Her influence on the south African culture and young ladies is beyond belief and that is why when she took on this pencil dress made by Sai Sankoh it was an eye opener and a mark for African women leadership. Sai Sankoh is another influential Sierra Leoneon who has changed the game for style girls, and in less than a year she made her way to owning one of the biggest fashion brands in the world by creating her own label Sai Sankoh.

Her brand has been warn by Gabrial Union, Beyonce and many more international celebrities. Taking two African female giants and merging both their talents, their beauty and their relevance is more than just a style sessions, it’s an impact, both accomplishing in their own fields what many could never have dreamed off, and you can witness the beauty thats beyond visuals below.