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Gany Sita launches QGR Co Ltd in Ghana bridging the real estate gap

Gany Sita held an elegant launch party at the Santoku Restaurant in Accra, with dignitaries ranging from real estate developers, mortgage brokers, to expats, entrepreneurs & more in attendance.

She’s a member of the diaspora in New York City who recently relocated to Ghana was born and raised in new york city and she holds a Bachelors Degree in Government and Politics and is currently undergoing a Masters in Law.

Sita posses a 10 year background in corporate New York City via multiple industries giving her an immense sense of industry, reliability, professionalism and legality. She studied real estate in New Jersey where she familiarized her self with the essentials and trends for safe transactional real estate.

She understands the immense potential in the Ghanaian real estate market but the reluctancy to engage by the outside world. Her mission through Queen Gany Realty is to build a secure bridge for safe, reliable, transparent and qualitative real estate experiences whilst building portfolios and encouraging wealth building through real estate in Ghana.

With Gany’s vastly diverse network and expertise the options for cross continent purchases and investments has intricately been made seamless and reliable.

QGR handles everything from purchasing a property, decor, re-listing properties for investment , managing properties and more. Queen Gany Realty is ready to change the face of real estate in Ghana.



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