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Ghanaian artist, Mega EJ launches his own evergreen campaign

Mega EJ is an Afro-fusion artist who is based in Ghana. He’s been on the country’s up next list of rising sounds in Ghana after releasing two freestyles, with one being an in-depth explanation of his journey to be the best he can.

In an interview with him, he mentions setting up an evergreen firm to help restore some of the beautiful benefits of having trees around in the city. He also explained how the country will benefit from a healthy atmosphere if all entities profiting from the country’s resources are to dedicate a part of their time and funds to help keep Ghana clean, for there are very few companies dedicated to this cause.

As such Mega has taken it upon himself to help the nation regain its fertile look. His manager Kwaku Panti who is also a social worker explained to us how this act is very impactful in the community, bettering both the environment and the minds of people turning a blind eye to the sad changes in the nature around us in the city. 

Even though he is a social worker he explains how Mega’s passion for this cause is really extreme and how it would help Ghanaians to pick up this mentality.

Sure to say Ghana is blessed to have such pure-hearted and pure-minded artists who think of the nation regularly.



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