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Kevin Hart Trolls Dwayne Johnson With Hilarious Halloween Costume.



While Kevin Hart is recovering from his devastating car crash in September, the comedian is appearing in a hilarious new Halloween-themed video in which he brutally mocks the one-time fashion sense of “Jumanji” co-star Dwayne Johnson.

In the video, which Hart shared on Instagram, Johnson is seen answering the door as trick-or-treaters — dressed like the characters in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” — knock on the door, with the former WWE great rewarding them with “king-sized candy.”

A few seconds later, the doorbell rings again. Johnson opens the door, only to find Hart, dressed as Johnson’s ’90s-era WWE alter-ego The Rock, complete with black turtleneck, thick silver chain, afro pompadour and, of course, a fanny pack.

“Why you dressed like that?” asks Johnson angrily.

“Because it’s my costume!” Hart declares. “All you gotta do is go to the costume store and say, ‘Make me look stupid.’”

After arguing over Hart’s stance — an imitation of Johnson back in the day — Hart insists that Johnson is “giving out the good stuff.”

Johnson, however, refuses to give him the giant-sized bars, and instead hands him a tiny one. “It’s bite-sized. Tiny. Mini. Like you,” he snarls. “Put this in your fanny pack.”

Leaving in a huff, Hart yells, “Hey kids! Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is giving out raisins and pennies! This sucks!”