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Moliy brings her forthcoming EP a step closer with latest single ‘Hard’ f/ Moonchild Sanelly | LISTEN HERE

Ghanaian American singer-songwriter MOLIY, takes on the perfect woman empowerment anthem of the year HARD with Moonchild Sanelly from South Africa, widely known for her major contribution to Beyonce’s Black is King album.

MOLIY’s introducing us to a preview of what’s to come on her highly anticipated EP Honey Doom, this bop is infused with a beautiful collaboration of Hip Hop, Afrobeats and laced with Baddie energy. Moliy starts the track by setting the tone and laying the lines out smoothly, allowing you to anticipate more.

She takes your mind to a place of understanding she’s in control and is boldly stating what she wants. MOLIY’s soft but infectious vocals ride effortlessly over MikeMillzOnEm’s production, as she brings us into her state of mind on how she wants things to go. The song then introduces us to the high energy and confident Moonchild, bringing a dose of magic and sexy cool vibes to the track.

As MOLIY reveals “HARD” the second record from her upcoming EP Honey Doom coming out on October 19th, 2022. Honey Doom features some of Moliy’s most vulnerable, raw storytelling to date, and tracks her personal development as a young woman unpacking love and relationships; alongside her own experimental journey with her sound, which remains otherworldly, airy and optimistic, while expanding to include more of her influences globally
Listen to ‘Hard’ here:

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