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MTN ramps up SIM registration efforts ahead of July 31st deadline with new strategies

MTN Ghana is enhancing its strategies to ensure that the millions of unregistered subscribers are registered before the 31st of July 2022 deadline.

With less than two weeks to the end of the mandatory SIM card registration exercise, the telecommunication giants will be sending urgent messages to customers who are not fully registered to do so before the end of the deadline or risk having their SIM cards disconnected.

MTN has also launched an internal campaign dubbed “GRAB, CHECK AND ACT (GCA)”, which is encouraging all staff, irrespective of their role to assist with the registration of customers. With this campaign, all MTN Staff have been tasked to check the registration status of customers they interact with so that unregistered customers can be assisted to do so. In addition, it has deployed its field agents to communities with lowest registration numbers to get these customers registered.

“We are nearly at the finish line and so we have intensified our efforts to reach out to all our customers,” Chief Sales and Distribution Officer of MTN Ghana, Shaibu Haruna commented on the new strategies initiated. “We cannot afford to lose customers due to non-registration. We also encourage all our customers to ensure their data/internet SIMs in their modems and other smart devices are fully registered”

“We have created many channels (including our online portal – to ensure our customers register with ease. We are encouraging them to use the available channels that are convenient for them to speed up the registration process”, he added.

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalization announced the mandatory registration of all SIM cards in Ghana. The registration exercise which started in October 2021 is scheduled to end on July 31,2022.



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