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Singer Lesléy begins era with romantic music video for ’Spiritual’ | WATCH HERE

The Ghanaian music soul child, Lesléy, has been singing and dancing for an audience of all shapes and sizes since he was born. He is now forging his own path in the ever-popular Afrobeats scene by crystallizing a sub-genre that successfully fuses the fundamental groove of mainstream Aftrobeats with the soulful sounds of R&B.

Lesléy’s era begins with ’Spiritual’ as the lead single to his newest EP titled ‘Good Things Take Time’. The single ’Spiritual’ comes with a gorgeous visual, displaying the romantic imagery of a love interest. Lesléy was inspired by in his true personal life. The intimate dance moves blend well with the passionate lyrics, giving forth a grown-ish feel to the video yet appropriate, shot and directed by the creative duo, Six & Jags.

In 2018 Lesléy was f.k.a “Kevin Pfeifer”, where his released single ‘Ohemaa’ gained hundreds of thousands of streams organically. In late 2020, he released his second single, ‘Lie 2 Me’, which got a massive boost in the Spotify Algorithm, giving him huge success and solidifying his confidence. Now in 2022, transitioning his name to, Lesléy, he opened his account with the five-song EP ‘Good Things Take Time’. Each song carries its own and is sonically unique.

Instagram: @lesleyyness

Twitter: @ lesleyyness


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