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Talent Agency, GRAVITY Africa, to launch in Ghana

Gravity Africa is set to launch its first office in Ghana. Based in the cultural melting pot of Accra, the talent agency will specialize in entertainment consulting and bookings to the corporate industry throughout the world which helps to find jobs for people in the various fields of the entertainment industry and business.

Gravity Africa will become a creative hub in Ghana, offering easy to access with regards to: Artist Bookings, Event Venues and Grounds. The Platform is also committed to reducing workload both for the industry players, Individuals and Cooperate Outfits.

With partners from across Africa, they enable event companies’ corporations and individuals to connect with talents across Africa. According to a statement shared, the organization said: “Our Agency’s goals of providing distinct talents, creative content and services will be accomplished by pursuing our mission statement on a daily basis.”

For talent development and management, Gravity Africa, will discover raw talents give to them the recognition they deserve. “We increase talent exposure by providing them developmental training program and platforms. The training program runs for every quarter of the year where we focus on the artist as an individual and launch the artist’s career.”

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