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The Artists Exchange: Hollywood Experts Visiting Ghana For “The Year Of Return” Celebrations.

As we are drawing to the climax of “The Year of Return”, you can literally feel the ecstasy and festivity in the air; massive traffic and lots of visitors! Accra is bustling with activities ranging from concerts, art exhibitions, food and lifestyle markets, museum and city tours just to welcome our brothers and sisters from the Diaspora.

The Year of Return has created a lot of buzz around the world and has truly been a blessing to Ghana as it is not only welcoming back home Africans from the diasporas but also positioning Ghana as the key destination to Africans all over the world. It has also boosted the tourism industry and created opportunities for investors to invest in the economy. Most of the visitors are not only here to tour and learn about the culture but also bring back their knowledge and impact. If you are looking for events to attend or a place to go this season you will be spoilt with so many choices. One event you shouldn’t miss is “THE ARTISTS’ EXCHANGE” organized by Dominion Television.

The Artists’ Exchange is a masterclass for creatives who want to expand their reach and serve their content to a global audience. What better time for creatives and artists to converge than “The Year of Return” where hundreds of creatives from around the world will be in Ghana this December!

There are amazing creators from Africa whose contents don’t go beyond the shores of their country or the continent. Dominion Television wants to help bridge the gap between Africa and the West: enable creative artists to think bigger, provide a community and access to award-winning creatives from around the world to share insights, experiences and an avenue for networking.

Facilitating this class is Sheila Walcott; Director of Development with Warner Bros Entertainment Group of Companies. She is of African American descent and would be in the country for the year of return. She is sharing her expertise on how creatives can create and put forth quality content that can be seen and heard in Hollywood.


How to get your first meeting.
How to pitch your content to Hollywood.
The technical requirements for producing creative content of international standards.
How to have your content distributed successfully in Hollywood whilst residing in Africa.

HOST: K. Stokes, General Manager at Dominion Television.

DATE: December 28, 2019. TIME: 8:30AM – 11:30AM

VENUE: Dominion Television Studios – ACI Spintex




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