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THE SHATTA MOVEMENT: True Definition Of Loyalty.

In 2012, whilst on an adventure exploring Jamestown British Accra, we came across a poster of an event featuring Shatta Wale at the then Plaza Cinema Hall. Interacting with some fans of Shatta Movement at Rising Phoenix, a hangout by the beach side, we were convinced to attend that show with them. We got to Plaza at around 11 pm, and the venue was fully packed with die-hard fans waiting in anticipation for the arrival of Shatta Wale, which was scheduled at 12 midnight. However, he didn’t show up at the midnight, but rather at 2 am, and the pissed-off DJ packed his equipment and left the venue.

Nonetheless, Shatta Wale didn’t leave, neither did his fans. He performed without a microphone for almost three hours, and it was a fascinating moment to watch the fans chant excitedly verses and catchy phrases from their superstar. They were not there for the other artistes that performed that night, and the DJ’s exit didn’t break them down, they were there for only one man, Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale’s journey to the top was not easy considering the fact that his brand was not media- friendly, and his demeanor didn’t appeal to the masses. However, Shatta Wale had an empire that was determined to see their king rise to the highest level. They have been ridiculed, tagged as illiterates, rogues, street mongers, junkies, and so on, whereas in reality his fan base expands into the corporate, political and elite society. Despite his accolades and international recognition, his critics tagged him as a local brand, interestingly, he was the only Ghanaian artiste featured on Beyoncé’s latest album, The Lion King: The Gift. His track with Queen Bey, Already is causing a global stir and the #AlreadyChallenge which has gone viral seems to have no cure.

This accomplishment is a glorious moment for Shatta Movement because they are the reason Shatta Wale reigns supreme. No matter the circumstance, they never turned their backs on their King. Shatta Movement is a true definition of loyalty, and every member must feel proud because when Shatta Wale soars higher, it’s a win for Ghana but most importantly, it belongs to the Shatta Movement – Be all in or get all out, there is no halfway, it’s a movement for life.(Flash Africa)

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