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Visuals For Teephlow’s 6Feet Out For Viewing With Deep Bars And Multiple Flows

Ghanaian rapper Teephlow returns to the music scene after months of being away and channels his experiences in the music industry into a song. The masterpiece he calls 6feet digs out and reveals happenings in the Ghanaian music industry. Teephlow talks about how the system sometimes doesn’t favour talents.

The song allows the rapper to clear things off his mind weaving word plays and ‘spitting’ bars together. The video shot in an open park was directed by Christopher Facey has received good reviews from the public.

Good start for Teephlow as a comeback and we hope to see more of him.

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Chris Fonye popularly known as “Hydraulix Fonye” is a Ghanaian producer, sound engineer, songwriter and singer with a vast experience in the Ghanaian entertainment...

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