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Why Rissemma Ltd.’s Branding Services Is Ahead In Competition

Rissemma Ltd. are one of the nation's top flight branding organizations

The ability to create brand awareness, unique competitive identity, and customer loyalty is crucial in today’s competitive business environment.

Often times, you find a positive correlation between a well branded academic institution, be it at the lower, mid or higher levels of learning and its overall perception in terms of quality education in the public domain.

Whilst this may be true in some instances, further studies have revealed it is not a universal truth but rather, an inherent human bias with the way we perceive things: “the better looking, the more trustworthy it is”.

To this effect, the team at Rissemma [Ltd.] believes strongly that, every school in Ghana, irrespective of economic ability, must craft its own unique identity centred around originality, aesthetic and quality to inspire a positive learning environment whiles boosting confidence of students and teachers alike as well as parents.

A pack of branded school uniforms by Rissemma Ltd.

The need to transform the appearance of schools and institutions in the country by providing them with a unique and superior brand identity, or elevating existing ones to stay competitive and remain relevant is Rissemma’s top priority.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Rissemma Ltd, continues to shine a light on branding in Ghana, becoming successfully one of the most reliable, trusted, and loyal organizations that one can find in our local space.

A branded earphone for Sprite

Since their emergence over a decade, they continue to assist organizations, institutions, and individuals to either maintain their good image or redefine them in the public eye from their objective peripheral by setting goals to meet the demands of their cherished clients across board in time and space.

No wonder, the inextricability of most of their customers and clients to their services- a service that presses hard around education, sports and hospitality.

Throughout the years, they have never compromised on their canon values being, Loyalty, Trust, and Reliability.

A branded tracksuit for Kiddylander School

Allday360, set out to validate this empirical evidence behind their triumphs by enquiring into areas centred around their communication, delivery, and pricing.

We reached out to a handful of their client masquerading as prospective clients to cull their testimonies, and this is what we found out:

Client #1 Emma (Procurement Manager, Peak Milk)

“I have a good working relationship with them. I started based on recommendation. Their services are good. I have worked with them on two occasions. My first working experience was good. What they designed for me were labels. I have seen what they did for other people and I think they are good. They also produced materials for promotional items and I prefer them comparatively to other competitors with regards to expenditure and I believe in subsequent times they will never fall short”.

A branded item for Peak

Client #2 Gladys Kobina (CEO, Sheenah Naturals)

Rissemma [Ltd.] offered me re-branding of my company. Back when we started in 2018, we were using the old logo and my clients were complaining because it didn’t identify with them, so we had to enlist the services of Rissemma Ltd. for rebranding, and they gave me exactly what we needed. Their services are very satisfactory. From a scale of zero to ten, I’ll give them nine. They honour their time, I got mine on time. They listened to me and actually gave me what I wanted. I had a meeting with them at their office and I told them what I wanted, and gave me exactly that! They are really good; I have tried three other brands and they didn’t give me what I want. Rissemma [Ltd.] listened to me. They should keep on doing what they are doing”.

Branded beauty products for Sheenah Naturals

Client #3 Ayesua Tham-Akowah (Proprietor, Virgo Preparatory School)

“They are trustable. Their services are good. I think I had wanted to do this cloth thing like years back but all other people couldn’t make it[payment] flexible for me. They can put payment into instalments for months. They are not just interested in the services they provide for you, but they are also interested in the progress of your business. They don’t give me pressure because they know if you’re running a school, the fees don’t come on time”.

Virgo Prepratory School’s branded uniform

Client #4 Nana Yaw Nkrumah (Proprietor, Great Kwame Nkrumah Memorial School)

“I have worked with them on three occasions. They have very flexible terms of payment. After formal negotiations, I had to make a 50percent upfront payment unlike others and I had to complete payment later as compared to other competitors. I ordered school uniform and socks. They have perfect timing; they are on point”.

A branded school uniform for Kwame Nkrumah Memorial School

Client #5 Leslie Kitson- Mills, Director Oliver Twist Shack.

“We have worked with them for two years. They supply us with novel branded light and branded paper bag. From a scale of zero to ten, I will give their product ten. The lighting objects they produced for us was very innovative. Their paper bags are of a high quality; different from the usual ones available on the market. We have other things we are planning with them like cups and other souvenirs which are in the pipeline. When it comes to timing, they are very good. In fact, they are on point”.

A branded paper bag and table light for Oliver Twist Shack

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