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Accra Brewery launches new Club Beer campaign, ‘TASTE NO Y3 DEEP’

Accra Brewery PLC (ABL) has launched a new thematic campaign dubbed ‘TASTE NO Y3 DEEP’. The campaign seeks to establish the superiority of quality and offerings of its flagship brand CLUB Premium Lager.

Launching the campaign, Mrs. Nancy Bediako, Assistant Brands Manager – CLUB Premium Lager said “We asked our consumers to describe the amazing taste of CLUB, the most loved beer in Ghana and they were unable to put the refreshing feeling after taking CLUB into words, so they settled on the phrase “Taste No Y3 Deep”. We adopted this phrase as our campaign theme: Taste no y3 deep; so deep, it’s indescribable. The only way to truly understand just how deep it is… is to grab a bottle or glass of CLUB Beer for just GHC 7.”

Continuing, she said “CLUB Beer is a true national icon and continues to be part of the Ghanaian heritage, bringing Chales together throughout different occasions and generations. It is undoubtedly Ghana’s quintessential beer, brewed with the same dedication to quality since 1931 and is currently Ghana’s number one selling beer.”

Subsequent to the launch, ABL in the coming days will be engaging their cherished Chales and CLUB lovers on radio, TV and all social media platforms using the hashtag #TasteNoY3Deep to express in their own words the amazing indescribable taste of CLUB Beer.

ABL’s product portfolio includes a range of popular beverages such as Ghana’s best-selling beer, Club Premium Lager, Club Shandy, Eagle Lager, Stella Artois, Budweiser and Beta Malt.

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