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Lord Paper Celebrates Rich Ghanaian Culture in a Blistering Video for his new single ‘Obrempong’

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Lord Paper has once again enthralled listeners with the release of the breathtakingly gorgeous music video for his most recent track, “Obrempong.” Lord Paper’s beautiful visual masterpiece transports viewers through the complex tapestry of Ghanaian culture, highlighting the country’s rich heritage and traditions.

At its core, “Obrempong” is a celebration of cultural pride and national identity. Lord Paper pays homage to Ghana’s rich history and traditions, highlighting the beauty of its music, dance, and artistry. Through scenes of traditional drumming, dancing, and storytelling, the video shines a spotlight on the resilience and creativity of the Ghanaian people.

The song tells the poignant story of a young man who seeks help from his brother in Accra, only to be let down. However, it is a stranger who ultimately helps him find success and prosperity in life.

‘Obrempong’ marks Lord Paper’s second foray into the realm of indigenous Highlife music, following the success of his previous hit ‘Asabone’ featuring Bosom P-Yung.

Find the link here;

Lord Paper – Obrempong


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