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Warrior King watches elevating rich heritage worldwide

Designed to appeal to classic and casual watch enthusiasts alike, Warrior King timepieces, a Ghanaian-made watch brand, has gained global attraction and is redefining luxury watchmaking.

The exquisite timepiece, which has very limited pieces – only 100 produced so far, makes them not just a reflection of Ghana’s history but also a treasured rarity for discerning watch enthusiasts drawing interest from business executives and royalties worldwide.

Derived from the literal meaning of ‘Ghana,’ which translates to ‘Warrior King,’ these bespoke timepieces are not merely masterpieces of craftsmanship, but also symbols of strength and legacy. The timepiece stands out with its captivating green dial adorned with carefully crafted stick indices and a subdued yet striking matt-white embossed logo.

Young Ghanaian Horologer and Founder of Warrior King, Patrick Amofah, emphasised that his creations are poised to transform the world of horology by encapsulating Ghana’s rich history, culture and heritage in every tick.

“Warrior King Watches are more than just fashion accessories; they are a tribute to Ghana’s prehistoric cultural, political and traditional origins. These watches seamlessly blend artistry and innovation, bridging the past and present with elegance,” he said.

This remarkable watch brand received its first endorsement from the Asantehene, who was honoured with a custom-made 18-karat gold Warrior King timepiece during the Awukudae Festival. This bespoke watch holds immense historical and cultural significance, with an appraised value of GH₵100,000.

Sharing the vision for the innovative invention, Amofah said: “We want to narrate the untold stories of Africa through our timepieces. We aim to convey our values and heritage through our watches. ‘Warrior King’ drew inspiration from eras when warriors held esteemed positions. These watches embody the essence of valour, courage and nobility that have transcended time”.

The outlook of Warrior King

To enhance durability and clarity, a sapphire crystal graces the watch face, complementing the luxurious 18k electro-plated bezel. For utmost comfort and style, this timepiece comes with a rare scenic crocodile skin leather strap. The timepiece is available in gold or silver versions with brushed and polished finishes and features a luxury butterfly clasp buckle.

On the watch face, a proud tribute takes centre-stage in the form of the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park monument, a fitting homage to Ghana’s esteemed first president and renowned pan-Africanist, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The back displays an equally meaningful tableau – an intricately adorned representation of Ghana’s iconic independence arch with inscriptions bearing the historical significance of ‘Gold Coast,’ ‘Warrior King Heritage,’ and ‘limited edition’.

Beneath the captivating exteriors of Warrior King timepieces lies a heart of mechanical ingenuity. These watches spare no expense, ensuring reliable and exceptional movements that pay homage to the relentless spirit of warriors with their robustness and endurance, while integrating cutting-edge technology with traditional watchmaking techniques.

The intricate detailing on these dials reflects the brand’s commitment to preserving Ghanaian culture while embedding stories within the timepiece. Each of these extraordinary watches bears a unique number, adding to their collectible appeal.

Warrior King Watches are more than just status symbols; they offer exceptional value for money. With classic design, sturdy construction, a unique finish, reliable movement, and water resistance up to 165 feet, these timepieces bridge the gap between tradition and modernity.

“Warrior King Watches represent the epitome of class and durability, a beacon of exclusivity where craftsmanship and precision intertwine to create horological masterpieces,” Amofah reiterated.



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