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Sofie & $pacely release long-awaited video for ‘3AM in Labadi’

Sofie and $pacely link up in the long-awaited music video for ‘3AM in Labadi.’ The stunning visuals arrive several months after the song’s debut and are a must-watch if you enjoy good vibes and beautiful people. ‘3AM in Labadi’ has gained over 200,000 streams on Spotify and is available for streaming here:

The music video captures the town that inspired the exciting Afrobeats bop from a unique perspective. The bright colours in the video create a vibrant world of fun-filled chaos centred around two stars. Each shot dazzles, capturing the spirit of youth in a manner that will leave viewers giddy with excitement. The party scenes create a rush of excitement for the viewer that is very enchanting.

There’s no dull moment in sight, with $pacely (aka Lord Keanu) and the ‘We Dey’ hitmaker reconnecting older audiences to memories of their juvenile years. Whether it is scenes of Sofie being pushed around in a trolley like a go-kart or relishing time with her crew, the essence of the magical moments that defined the singer’s 20s remains intact.

‘3AM in Labadi’ is one of the standout songs from Sofie’s 2023 EP “Waves in the 233.” The six-track EP took listeners on a pleasant ride to the heart of Accra while exploring profound themes of love, hardship, rebirth, perseverance and change. It was well-received by critics and cemented the Ghanaian singer-songwriter and producer as the industry’s Wave Queen.



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