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Adina to film new music videos with 3Music Awards Video Workshop Trainees

Award-winning crooner Adina will film a new music video for her single, Game Over, as part of a collaborative social impact campaign with 3Music.

Featured image credits / via Instagram / ADINA THEMBI

The video, shot by all ten participants of a 5-day music video workshop put together by 3Music as part of its Music For Good Campaign, and powered by HD+, will air during the main night of the 5th annual 3Music Awards.

The music video workshop is the first of several industry development projects initiated by the 3Music Awards to offer professional and thought leadership training within the music and entertainment industry. Adina’s Game Over, off her Araba album, was selected to impart practical training to participants in music videography, entrepreneurship, and business management.

Ahead of the shoot, the striking singer met the trainees to interact and ideate during a masterclass session of the workshop.

“I feel excited about the project. When 3Music briefed me about their intentions, I said ‘why not?’ Obviously, this is a really bold initiative designed to drive Ghanaian music. I am glad to be involved, as long as it’s propelling talent and, you know, basically helping others achieve their dreams” Adina said.

The 3Music Awards has built a reputation for supporting the marginalized in music show business, including the representation and recognition of women and other overlooked music accessories. The 5th annual 3Music Awards comes off on March 26, 2022 at the Grand Arena.



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