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Akua Music drops eagerly awaited single ‘MissYou Bad’

After days of anticipation, Akua Music saunters into the month of love with her
eagerly awaited romantic ballad, ‘Miss You Bad.’ This enchanting Afrobeats
number, which serves as her first single of 2024, is available to stream in music
stores worldwide here:

Mix Master Garzy sets the stage for Akua Music again with mellow guitar plucks
that instantly draw listeners into a magical world. With simple yet powerful lyrics
like, “And I be chilling just by the phone till you call,” the singer evokes
bittersweet memories of how it feels to miss someone who’s no longer around.
And her pull is tempting.
The way Akua Music delivers each line is nothing short of masterful. She relies
on her raw feminine power and subtle vocal inflections to better anchor her
feelings. Such nuance pumps a generous dose of emotions into listeners,
compelling anyone listening to reach for their phone and send that “I miss you
bad” text.
All signs point to ‘Miss You Bad’ heating the bed for love birds on February 14.
So, if you plan on reconciling with your better half ahead of Valentine’s Day, this
song offers a much-needed calm after the storm, replete with a warmth
guaranteed to set the mood right. Add ‘Miss You Bad’ to your music library now
and thank us later.



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