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Baaba Lin out with radiant new single ‘Famame’

Stephanie Baaba Lindsay is plotting for a big industry comeback with radiant debut ‘Famame’ under her new alias, Baaba Lin. ‘Famame’ is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here:

In what is yet another beautiful example of Afrobeat done right, ‘Famame’ is a fresh-sounding and upbeat song that has the perfect production to put Baaba Lin on track as one of the genre’s new frontrunners, easy. And with a title that translates to “give it to me”, you can bet the singer went all out to wind her originality into fans’ sweet spots.

The new song is flush with some stylishly delivered vocals and lyrics which resound sentiments of a happy-go-lucky love tale centered on “a lover singing about the joys of being in love, wanting to solidify it and take it to the next level, whatever way that may be”, according to the singer. But it runs deeper as she concludes: “Often times when we sing about love, it’s never truly just that. It’s sometimes saddled with pain, hurt or even a heartbreak… And I wanted ‘Famame’ to be just focused on the happy side; being in love without highlighting any negative feelings”.

A true blast from the past, Baaba Lin previously enjoyed a good spell under the sensational, RnM – a female group of 3 that went on to win the maiden edition of Vodafone Icons “Divas Edition” and as such is ready to re-instate similar levels of success starting with her new and official debut ‘Famame’.

Instagram: baabalinofficial
Twitter: @BaabaLin
Facebook: Baaba Lin



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