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Bikini Selection For This Summer!

It’s already summer in some parts of the word but here in Ghana, we’re experiencing both summer and the rainy season.

So you might want to step out on one of the sunny days and head to the pool or beach with some friends. Here are some bikini selection you might want to go through as you pack your beach bag.

We are all not the same when it comes to exposing some part of our bodies, so if I prefer to show off some skin, it might not be the same with you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on bikinis and shouldn’t go to the beach at all.

There is a perfect bikini for each and every one. Let’s dive right in…


  • One Piece Bikini

Gone are the days when wearing a one-piece swimsuit meant you were either a serious swimmer, sun-averse, or body-conscious. These days, some designers chose to add a little spice to it, with styles anyone can love in cuts and colours. This can be worn by slim girls or plus size girls as well. You can also get in African prints for my Black Queens who are proud of their culture.


  • Two piece Bikini with High Waist

I will personally choose this body-conscious and especially plus size girls. Because it’s very comfortable and covers all the excess body parts that we get very uncomfortable about (I believe we all know what I’m talking about?). And it also comes in African prints as well.


  • Two piece Bikini with the Low Waist

This is basically for those who aren’t bother to show off a little skin. Girls who are very comfortable in their body and also want to show off some toned arms and abs. This can also be worn by plus size. It also comes in African prints.

So here you go ladies you summer adventures have been sorted out! Be very comfortable in your body.


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