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Brian Kuffour announces “Ovation” live album recording concert and worship experience

Brian Kuffour, the revered gospel medley maestro, is set to host the inaugural edition of his live album recording and worship concert, ‘OVATION.’

This groundbreaking event, organized by Brian Kuffour Ministries, is set to feature an ensemble of Ghana’s gospel legends, including Ohemaa Mercy, Joe Mettle, and the soul-stirring voice of Efe Grace.

Set for, the Cedar Mountain Chapel Main Auditorium at Shiashie-Accra on Sunday, March 10, 2024. “Ovation” live album recording is set for an unforgettable encounter with the divine, promising to be a soul-stirring experience, as Brian Kuffour, renowned for his powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, prepares to captivate audiences with his latest musical offerings.

Renowned for his chart-topping singles such as ‘Obiara Nse Wo’ featuring Joe Mettle, ‘Forever,’ and ‘GYEDIE,’ Brian Kuffour Ministries is dedicated to crafting an atmosphere that rejuvenates hearts, rejuvenates minds, and elevates souls.

The “Ovation” marks a significant milestone in Brian Kuffour’s career as he embarks on recording his highly anticipated album. “I am beyond excited to share this moment with my fans,” says Brian Kuffour. “I have always anticipated this moment, and I can’t think of a better way to do it than be surrounded by the energy and love of a live audience.”

The ministry’s ethos of inclusivity and generosity shines through as admission to this divine spectacle is FREE, embodying their steadfast commitment to sharing the boundless blessings bestowed upon them by the Almighty. 

All patrons and supporters are earnestly encouraged to come with open hearts, poised to embrace the celestial harmonies and bask in the spiritual illumination that awaits them.



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