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Ghanaian owned Tech company BBS based in the States has launched an exciting app for anonymous chatting called Candor!.

Launched in the month of February this year, the tech company in their creative capacity has released a new UI (interface) with amazing new features and pro access.

Introducing a much colorful and user friendly interface; this new update comes with a feature to earn money whiles chatting anonymously with fans and friends – Chat With Me.

Chat With Me allows users of the Candor app earn some good cash when they interact with people in and out of their circle. This feature stem out the idea of creating an avenue for creators, influencers and celebs can have a chat with their fans and still make money doing that.

Subscribing for Pro access gives you a much more feel of the app as all features of the app are unlocked and made available for usage.

Join the Candor family, get creative in interacting with people and earn some cash. Candor! Only Truths, No Lies!!

Download Candor on both AppStore and PlayStore!!



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