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Celebrated Cinematographer Reveals Why Ghanaian Movies Don’t Go International.

Yaw Ladzekpo, a Cinematographer, director, fixer and also a lecture divulged why Ghanaian movies don’t make it onto international platforms.

At the MTN Open Coffee on the 5th of September, 2018 at the MTN house during a presentation on the topic “understanding the art and craft of cinematography”, he noted the reason why Ghanaian movies don’t make it on to international platforms.

To the surprise of the audience, he said, “Ghanaian movies are not going international because Ghanaian Cinematographers just use the camera as a recording tool and not a story telling tool.”

He also added, “Cinematographers are supposed to be the most brilliant and knowledgeable people on set.”

As to what he means by telling a story with the camera and not just recording, he elaborated.

In shooting a movie, every camera shot and angle should tell a story and not just to record the scene for editing.

If you don’t tell a story with your shots, no international platform will give you a listening. He said the above as he explained the types of shoots and the reasoning behind it and how to convey a message of importance or relevance of the cast or surroundings in a scene.

This edition of the MTN Open coffee has been a great initiative to enlighten people in the arts and entertainment circle and if you are yet to be a part, you are doing yourself a great disservice.


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