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“Creatives Need more Than just Talent to break Out”, Sadiq Abdulai

A Media and Entertainment Professional and Founder of 3music Networks Baba Sadiq Abdullai Abu has expressed some thoughts about leadership guidelines that will help Ghanaian Artistes to break barriers in the music economy globally.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show, January 20, 2021, Baba Sadiq acknowledged the enormous talent Ghana has produced over the years and also identified the lack of education on brand positioning for upcoming and some established Artists as a concern to the Ghanaian Music Economy.

He said “talent is just not enough. Talents needs to be visible on all musical platforms so when an Artiste releases a new song and decides to share it amongst friends, that Artist only limits their reach”.

Baba Abdullai Abu noted that to have a large number of people listening to you as an Artist, there should be a well-tailored “road to market” strategy, just like any other product goes through to get an item closer to the consumer”.

A chain of distribution channels through aggregators is a very secure way for an Artiste to reach the numbers he/she is expecting on a global scale.

He opined that music videos enhance promotion of the song and projects the Artiste with the right investment.


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