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Divine Harmony Unleashed: My Praise Concert Set to Ignite Spiritual Flames on December 1st!

Get ready for a night of transcendent worship and spiritual elevation as the My Praise Concert takes centre stage at the main auditorium of Potter’s Family Chapel (Mercy Temple) on December 1st, starting at 6:00 pm sharp!

This highly anticipated event promises to be an exhilarating moment in the presence of God, featuring a stellar lineup of anointed ministers set to lead the congregation into a profound encounter through praise and worship.

The concert boasts an impressive roster of gifted ministers, including the soul-stirring voices of Alexandrah, the legendary Cindy Thompson, the dynamic Call Me Nazareth, the anointed Ike Asamoah Warren, and the praise machine Min. Paolo, the soulful Min. Phel, and several other revered worship leaders.

Each minister brings a unique anointing, promising a diverse and spiritually enriching experience for all attendees.

The ambience of the main auditorium of Potter’s Family Chapel is set to be transformed into a sacred space where believers can unite in heart and spirit to offer up praise and worship.

The event is not just a musical spectacle but a divine encounter, providing attendees with the opportunity to connect with the divine through the universal language of music.

As the concert unfolds, expect a harmonious blend of soul-stirring melodies, powerful lyrics, and anointed performances that will uplift, inspire, and create an atmosphere conducive to encountering the presence of God.

The organizers have meticulously curated a program that caters to the spiritual needs of the audience, ensuring a one-time, unforgettable divine experience.

Hosting the event is the anointed man of God and lead pastor, Prophet Alex Armstrong. Known for his dynamic preaching and ability to connect with believers, Prophet Alex Armstrong will guide the congregation through an evening of worship, spiritual growth, and transformation.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary evening of praise and worship that transcends the ordinary.

Mark your calendars for December 1st and join Alexandrah, Cindy Thompson, Call Me Nazareth, Ike Asamoah Warren, Min. Paolo, Min. Phel, and other anointed ministers for a My Praise Concert that promises to be a beacon of spiritual elevation.

For more information and updates on MY PRAISE, please visit www.Potter’s family or contact Gladys at +233 20 886 8708.


MY PRAISE is a worship event that seeks to bring believers together for an evening of praise, worship, and spiritual transformation. With a lineup of talented guest artists and anointed ministers of God, MY PRAISE creates an atmosphere where attendees can encounter the presence of God and be uplifted in their faith journey.

Come prepared to immerse yourself in the sacred melodies and experience a divine encounter like never before. This is more than a concert; it’s a rendezvous with the divine through the transformative power of praise and worship.



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