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Duaba Serwaa (Designer Of The Week)

Nelly Hagan-Aboagye is the initiator behind Duaba Serwaa. A womenswear brand that mergers texture, comfort, yet elegant and refined. Nelly had started the brand as a jewellery wear brand and soon expanded into clothing.

A successful clothing line plus participation in international fashion runways like the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Johannesburg, Milan’s fashion night out. The brand boasts a strong African colour and design scheme, showcased in the print choice and unique shapes and figures.
The brand is the architype of class and grace, with effortless fusion of tradition and trends and colour palette that is bright and commands attention. Nelly was connected with the ethical fashion initiative.

She was mentored in Burkina Faso where she learnt about the ethical fashion process. There to mentor her were the likes of Franca Sozzani, Simonetta Gianfelici and the Ethical Fashion Initiative team.



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