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Ehu plays People 

Ehu plays on your emotions with her new release titled “People”. This track is set to be released on 22nd April 2024. 

About People

“I learnt a lot of basic relational stuff in my late 20s and I had a lot of people break my heart because I was naive and vulnerable. I spoke too soon too much and too loud. Everything has shaped me to be wiser. I learnt to see sarcasm- I still struggle sometimes. I take a lot of things less personally. I respect people and their choices and above all respect myself and my choices. “


People was written about a year or more ago and it’s dedicated to the newbies experiencing what they wish they didn’t have to. 

I appreciate everyone my world has accommodated on my journey. 

Love Ehu

Ehu plays people

About Ehu

Words only make meaning when strung properly.

That’s what Ehu does with her writing. Since 2019 her compositions have been deliberately singing heartsongs all over the words.

She makes music for heavy hearts to cry easily,  loving hearts to love deeper and confuses souls to start over.

Her debut EP Ground Zero was a mixture of deep sadness, hope and love. Other songs like Us, Run Up, Only You and Mind Over Matter are deeply entrenched in the beauty of Romantic love while Good Place is built upon peace and beautiful platonic relationships. Promises shed the pain of broken trust.

Each release is deeply connected to the emotional cycles of the heart.



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