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Faxe 5.5 Gold Launches In Ghana

At the launch, Faxe beer took a bold step to unveil the gold liquid, brewed specially for bold and deserving.

On Friday, 7th September, 2018, Accra witnessed the most extraordinary party yet! The famouse Labadi Beach Hotel was completely filled with a specially invited number of guests who were curious to discover what an initial social media campaign #5point5gold was all about.

This party was to serve as FAXE Beer’s official launch of the new 5.5 Gold edition into the Ghanaian market as the smooth and full-bodied all-malt lager beer imported from Denmark.

The campaign began about two weeks ago when top Ghanaian bloggers and celebrities AmeyawDebrah, YemmyBaba, KOD broke the internet with an eclipsed image of the FAXE VIKING and hashtag #5POINT5GOLD.

The campaign introduced a test to direct people to a landing page to share their passion and life aspirations. Successful applicants were then given digital invitations to experience the exclusive FAXE BEER 5.5 GOLD launch party on Friday.

FAXE BEER also had a city tour to personally handover invitations to key celebrities and media personalities who took pictures with a photo frame #5point5Gold confirming that they would attend the remarkable party.

The highlight of the night was the presentation by Nicholas Baroutis, Commercial Director for Africa at ROYAL UNIBREW INTERNATIONAL, the second largest brewer in Nordic and Baltic region with exports to 85 countries worldwide and 2017 revenue of over $1 BILLION. Nicholas took guest through the history of ROYAL UNIBREW, 115 years of FAXE BEER’S evolution, international success of FAXE 10% at 300% growth rate in Africa since 2012 and revealing the bright vision of a new expansion for FAXE GOLD 5.5%.

The presentation was followed with the MC of the night Radio presenter, Antoine Mensah calling on stage THIERRY OUATTARA – Regional Manager for West Africa UK for Royal Unibrew, SABINE NAKOUZI – GM for Marina Market, and MR. ELIE SARKIS – MD for Marina Market for an epic countdown to the explosive unveil of the smooth gold liquid. At the end of the countdown, the brand had a grand introduction truly worthy of a Smooth Gold Liquid.

Afterwards the famous DWP academy gave a captivating flash mob performance before three of Ghana’s best DJs – DJ Nyce, DJ Xpliph and Sheldon The TurnUp took turns thrilling guests as they enjoyed sharing the new gold liquid, dancing and other side experiences such as the Gold Carpet photo shoot session on an amazing backdrop made from recycled FAXE GOLD 5.5 cans.

Celebrities and key personalities such as Model – Regina Vanhelvert, Blogger – AmeyawDebrah, Comedian – Efya shwarznegga, Ben – CEO of Kikibee’s Bar gave a good account on the rich taste of the new FAXE 5.5 Gold.

The party didn’t end there as Saturday night saw first hand display of many activation parties intended to be hosted by premium bars in Accra. KIKIBEES RESTAURANT BAR & LOUNGE got the honoured to host the first FAXE party after the launch.

Follow FAXE BEER on twitter & instagram @FaxebeerGH and the hashtag #5point5gold to see what the gold liquid is doing next.

The launch campaign for the new FAXE GOLD 5.5 was developed and managed by (OMENT WORLD LIMITED).




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