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Fidelity Bank Launches 10% Fast & Easy Loans To Customers And Non-Customers

A fully Ghanaian owned bank, Fidelity Bank has unveiled its latest product called that Fast & Easy Loan today at its head office in Accra-Ridge.

The Fast & Easy Loan aims to offer both Fidelity and non-Fidelity Bank account holders a highly flexible repayable funds for anything they intend to do, without them losing money or devaluing their hard earned cash. This credit facility is readily available to all Ghanaians and non-Ghanaian resident.

Customers are given a 12 months period to payback the loans, within which they can spread the payments or opt for a bullet payment. The 10% interest on the loan is for a year and the loan can be processed within 24 hours.

Mr. Jim Baiden, Managing Director of Fidelity Bank explained that, this product is to help Ghanaians protect their foreign currencies and assets, this is because often times people convert their foreign currencies to cedis before they can transact business. But with Fast & Easy Loans they will have to entrust their currencies with Fidelity Bank in exchange for a loan without loosing money.

He also stated that, clients who access the Fast & Easy Loans are sure to get either Cedis or foreign exchange back with a 10% interest cost after paying off the loan successfully as a sign of gratitude.

Mr. Baiden added that this product was created to ease the burden on individuals seeking financial assistance in their businesses and personal lives.

The Fast & Easy Loan product is accessible in all the 72 Fidelity Bank branches across the country.



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