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Frank Love: the Speaker, Coach, Podcaster and Vlogger empowering partners to build strong and loving relationships

Frank Love is the epitome of a true relationship expert. Through his tireless efforts to empower others to create nurturing and loving relationships, he has become a source of inspiration for countless individuals seeking happiness in their love lives.

Frank’s compassionate and insightful approach challenges couples to delve deeper into what it truly means to love and be loved – fully and fearlessly – inspiring them to build strong and resilient relationships that stand the test of time.

Married, divorced and married – Frank has refreshingly reflected on the quality of husband that he presented in his first union. ‘’l’ll, tell you like I tell most; I was not a good husband to my first wife. I lacked compassion. I lacked patience. I lacked any interest in comforting her when she was challenged. I was more concerned with myself and my own immediate interests than her history, her rationales and her pain. I did everyone a disservice. Every day, I work to be a better husband than I was yesterday; and than I was in my previous marriage’’. That experience has informed Frank’s work, which is rooted in helping others create the loving and supportive relationships they deserve.

Frank’s books, blogs, and in-person presentations provide loving, empathetic alternatives to the negative patterns that tend to exist in romantic relationships. He believes that by being honest about our own motives and methods, we can create more supportive, fulfilling, and long-lasting partnerships. Frank Love offers a one-of-a-kind counseling process designed to support individuals and couples in overcoming the challenges they face in their relationships. He helps people address and resolve the unloving behaviors they bring to their partnerships, providing a confidential and supportive environment where they can work through their issues and find solutions.

For those seeking a healthier, more loving relationship, Frank’s message is simple: focus on effective communication, trust, empathy, respect and mutual understanding. By putting in the time, effort and commitment to personal growth and development, couples can create a strong foundation for a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Frank Love is a husband and proud father of five, Frank brings a unique perspective to his work as a renowned speaker, compelling podcaster, engaging vlogger and highly sought-after relationship coach. With degrees from both Howard and The George Washington Universities, he is the author of

‘’Relationship Conversations You Don’t Want to Have (But Should Anyway)’’ and ‘’25 Ways to Be Loving’’. Reach out to Frank Love today and start your journey towards a healthier, more loving relationship.

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