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Gabi DeFeel’s comeback extends with ‘Feel Me,’ her sensual collaboration with Sconzy: Listen

Gabi DeFeel’s stunning resurgence continues with the sizzling charm of ‘Feel Me,’ a surefire chart-topper that features Sconzy. Stream it now:

Prepare to be seduced by ‘Feel Me,’ the latest masterpiece from Gabi DeFeel, who is on a roll after ending her two-and-a-half-year hiatus from the music industry this year. The erotic Dancehall anthem features Stonebwoy’s protege, Sconzy – one of the industry’s new and exciting Dancehall stars – and their chemistry is off the charts!

With sexual tension so thick you could smash through it with a hammer, the charm of ‘Feel Me’ will give you goosebumps. The two deliver a steamy exchange that could blaze enough to ignite the charts this summer and Gabi DeFeel’s sultry vocals are the key to this winning formula. They ooze with seductive powers that create a mesmerizing hook. At least till Sconzy adds his dancehall-savvy vibes to the mix and showcases his knack for being a “bedroom bully.”

‘Feel Me’ follows the success of ‘No One,’ which marked Gabi DeFeel’s return to the spotlight about five months ago. The song was well received by blogs, culminating in a rave of reviews from acolytes of the seductive singer. Gabi DeFeel proves once again she is the Queen of Risque themes and the erotic power of ‘Feel Me’ is poised to dominate the Summer with its irresistible appeal.


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