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Ghanaian Model/ Blogger GlennSamm Is Set To Release #KvngsOfTheNewSchool Merchandise

Africans in Africa and all over the world are highly perceived to be from kingly roots and royal background. Over the years, this has being expressed in the way we dress, speak, walk and regard ourselves – our own way of appreciating the enormous beauty enshrined in African uniqueness.

It is in this regard, that GlennSamm birthed an idea to empower Ghanaians and Africans in general to comfortably portray their styles of dressing established by our respective culture.

Glenn Samm is a Ghanaian entertainment blogger associated with renowned blogs like and etc. Additionally, he wields a graphic designing career from IPMC and a fashion modelling career from Exopa modelling agency

KVNGSOFTHENEWSCHOOL, as the title of the merchandise is one of many ways through which Ghanaians and Africans can portray their identity. The cliche of always having to wear a suit and tie for every official or high class ceremony, where a piece of rich kente neatly wrapped over the right shoulder could do that job, sickens me – GlennSamm

He established that the KVNGSOFTHENEWSCHOOL merchandise dealt more with the style of dressing than the type of dress being worn.

You can decide to make a custom suit out of a Shuka cloth, but you would not represent enough or identify yourself as a Masai from Kenya or Tanzania.

Therefore KvngsOfTheNewSchool is not just a merchandise, but an inclusive movement of Afrocentric people and Afro futurists who wish to eventually see a truly independent Africa, an Africa rid of toxic western cosmologies and indoctrination.

The launch is set to come off tomorrow, Friday the 29th of June, 2018 to mark his birthday where some samples of the merchandise will be showcased. Additionally, GlennSamm the creator of the merchandise, also reveals that revenue gathered from the first sales show will be directed towards a charity event yet to be established.

This is an invitation to all readers of this piece, we entreat you to duly support the movement, patronize the merchandise and possibly be present at the launch



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