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I remain with the NDC – Dr. Kwabena Duffuor

On Monday, 15th May 2023, Dr. Duffuor released a statement categorically dismissing all claims that he intends to leave the NDC and form a new party. He expressed commitment to the NDC and called for peace and unity ahead of the 2024 general elections.

Dr Duffuor stated, “I have become aware of some concerns from the rank and file of the NDC, that I intend to leave the NDC and form another party. I wish to state that I have no such intentions and remain committed to the NDC as I have always been. The NDC is my home as it is for us all and I will always remain loyal to our party. Let us come together towards the cause of victory for our party and progress for the nation.”

He encouraged all to work for the benefit of the party as he has by stating that as part of his contribution to the party’s reorganization agenda, he launched the Ahotor Project to strengthen the grassroots and ensure they are financially independent and can work effectively ahead of the 2024 general elections.

He stated that he remains committed to the continuity of the project and looks forward to more such engagements with the party base.

He concluded by stating, “We are who we are because of the strength of our roots and must continue to build the NDC from the ground up. It is the key to our future and the engine of the Ghanaian Dream. God bless the NDC and our Nation Ghana and make her great and strong.”

Dr. Duffuor withdrew from the NDC presidential primaries citing problems with the Photo Album Register. He withdrew a day before the May 13 primaries after withdrawing his suit against the party.
Written by: Caris London



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