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I Will Leave My Job For You If…, Dr Pounds Proposes To Vim Lady On Live Radio.

Maximus Addae-Mensah a.k.a Dr. Pounds on live Radio confessed his deep love and admiration for her colleague at Multimedia Afia Pokua known as the Vim Lady and promises to leave his job just to maintain their relationship, should she say yes.

The Host of the Hitz Gallery show, which airs on Mondays to Fridays at 7pm to 10pm pulled a surprise when he had Vim Lady on his show and took the sterling opportunity presented him to profess love for Afia and stated unequivocally he will quit his job for her to continue working at Multimedia to avoid too many eyes on them.

He said to the surprise of Afia, “I check you in this house paa ooh! If you will understand, then one will quit for the other to continue. I will leave for you to stay.”

When asked by Afia how he will survive off his salary and if he could handle her, he responded, “I will run myself on the side small and take care of businesses I have, but how, I can handle you, you look hard on the outside but you are a cool person at home, I have freed my mind today” he ended.

Vim Lady, the popular radio, and television presenter who is known to be very outspoken did not hesitate to respond saying, “we will get you a young damsel, I’m older than you, you can’t handle me, I’m not a difficult person but I’m principled” she said.
I think Dr Pounds might be in the good books of Vim Lady or she has a soft spot for him as her responses were mild and tender.

Dating back to November 2017, we saw Vim Lady blast a fan who spoke about her not being married, but it’s obvious she is not in haste to walk down the aisle.

In 2015, Afia was rumored to be getting married to Captain Smart but it’s obvious that news was the hoax of the year. But now that our brother Dr. Pounds have expressed interest in her, we wish him all the best.



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