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I’m The Only Virgin Female Artist – Kati G.

Everyone wants to know who is Kati G. what makes me different.  I think I’m the only female artist that is a virgin making the best love music ever.  I cherish the logical side of love.  The side that gets you thinking and doesn’t emotionally tie you down.  I wrote this song so that lovers can focus more on what defines love and not just the physical part of it. 

Many may think I’m inhuman when I tell them you don’t need sex to have love in a fulfilling relationship.  My new song ‘Na You’ is helping you figure out what kind of relationship you are in?  Is the girl or guy just sexing you for something or is it real love, will your partner stick around without he or she demanding for sex?  When you listen to my new hit song,’Na You,’ ask your partner, what defines our love or relationship?  I feel that love will locate me without having sex.  I’m a virgin in waiting, the song defines how I see love.  

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