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Imon unleashes magic on new Afrobeats crowd-pleaser ‘Julie’

After thrilling fans with numerous top-tier projects in the past five years, Imon regains control of the airwaves with his simple yet elegant inflections. The Ghana-based Nigerian star, formerly Apolo Imon, steps out of his brief period of inactivity with a promise to deliver a deluge of arresting songs and ‘Julie’ is first in line – a soothing and soulful Afrobeats experience that tugs at your heartstrings with its cosy lyrics and deep tenderness. Listen here:


A few seconds into ‘Julie’ is destined to win you over for all of time. It feels almost magical and is as timeless as the classics go. Imon’s soft-spoken lyrics, groove and grace are quick to engross, pacifying listeners from start to finish. Moreover, the mid-tempo Afrocentric tune takes inspiration from Imon’s motherland, echoing the musical fullness of its tradition over delicate percussive instruments brought to life by ace producer, VT.

All these make for a beautiful song that stands out from the rest of the Afrobeats scene; Imon takes full advantage of this to enchant the song’s titular character, Julie: “I think I’ve found my love, I think I’ve found my love,” amid hushed ones like, ”I be nice, I be sweet.” Luckily, fans will see all this in action in the stunning music video shot and directed by Snares Films.

‘Julie’ follows and is reminiscent of Imon’s previous release, ‘TOTORI,’ which follows his well-received “Candy Funk” EP from October last year. The immensely talented star – best described as a Renaissance artist has remained relevant in music even before his rebirth. He has been proactive in other creative endeavours, such as producing movies and publishing books, among other things.

Nonetheless, Imon is super committed to making newer sounds that rival the quality of his previous albums – ’Fila,’ ‘Alaye’ and ‘Kids of Peril’ – as Apolo Imon and fans can look forward to bigger things from Samfido Records’ star man. 



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