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Inusa Dawuda and Modesty join forces on Dub Mix for ‘Afrofunky’

Witness the pull of the dance floor in another brilliant remix from Ghanaian-born
Germany-based singer-songwriter and saxophonist, Inusa Dawuda. This time, he
collaborates with Hungarian producer, Modesty who overhauls the afro feel of his
original release with an Electronic beat crackling with energy. Listen to ‘Afrofunky
(Modesty’s Dub Mix)’ here:

The mesmerizing synths and tinkling xylophone keys of ‘Afrofunky (Modesty’s Dub Mix)’ make it a no-brainer for disco enthusiasts. And with an uplifting rhythm that will have you swaying to and fro like a pendulum, how could anyone resist? Inusa’s distorted vocals add to this charm, making it an irresistible choice for anyone looking to dance thenight away.

‘Afrofunky’ was one of the songs on Inusa Dawuda’s 2023 compilation record “Waka
Waka.” Its Dub Mix version now constitutes part of a new 4-track EP from the
saxophonist titled “Modesty’s Remix’s”. The surprise project features three additional
remixes of ‘All I Need is to Be Loved’ and ‘Believe and Feel.’



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