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Izzik Shows Fans A Slice Of Heaven In New Visuals For ‘Paradise’ [Watch Here]



Following the overwhelming acclaim of his romantic single ‘Paradise’ which was themed around showing love and giving your partner literally heaven on earth, Izzik is back with a remarkable music video that matches the immense quality of the record. Listen here:

The groovy romantic sing along record captures the proclamations made by a lover to give his special someone ‘Paradise’ on earth and the video captures this magical promise beautifully.

The video opens to impressive aerial shots of a plush resort showing some wonderful landscapes, impressive gardening and more which set the mood for a romantic sequence of events. Izzik enters the frame and hugs his lover followed by montages of them doing what lovers do in a literal depiction of paradise.

Check out the profound visuals and follow Izzik on social media @izzikofficial – read more about him here:

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