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Jamie Foxx explains his reasoning for not getting married



Jamie Foxx doesn’t think a nuclear family dynamic is required to create a healthy living situation for his daughters. In a recent interview, the actor opened up about why he’s chosen not to get married and how his decision stems from how negatively he’s seen marriages turn out.

While talking to E! News’ Daily Pop, Foxx explained how he never imagined the generic family and marriage setup for himself. “The 2.5 children, the wood paneling on the station wagon and the cottage, I didn’t think that was for me,” he said.

Foxx explained that his frame of mind comes from seeing many marriages end in divorce and negatively affect the children involved. He’s thankful that hasn’t happened to his daughters, Corrine Foxx and Annalise Bishop.

“A lot of those marriages ended up not doing well as the kids got older. Unfortunately, we saw the kids get fractured from their families,” he continues. “Us, we actually came together more. So I don’t know what that is, I just know that it is different but it’s a whole lot of love.”

The 53-year-old continued by talking about how his daughters understood where he was coming from. “Growing up, Corrine was like, ‘Well people are married, and that’s what they have, my friends. But then a lot of those marriages ended up not doing well as the kids got older,’” he recalled.

Jamie recently released the book Act Like You Got Some Sense, and revealed his daughters helped him write some of it. “I want them to see and share the things that I go through,” the actor said. “There’s a lot of hard work, there’s a lot of disappointment, but there’s a lot of things to celebrate.”


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