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Jetey and Foxie Silver bring the heat in new smoldering ‘Goosebumps’ music video

Jetey’s latest music video for ‘Goosebumps’ is an artistic masterpiece that perfectly complements the infectious rhythms and soaring vocals of the track. Directed by the talented, Fif Wilson, the video is a stunning work of art that transports viewers into the world of Jetey and his beautiful melanin-rich lover, played by model and poet, Foxie Silver.

The video takes place in various rooms of a house, including the classic bedroom scene, where Jetey and Foxie playfully interact with each other, showcasing the healthy and loving relationship that the song celebrates. The warm and complimentary color tones add to the playful and intimate atmosphere of the video, making it a visual treat for the senses, with scenes featuring a color palette that is both cohesive and unique.

Throughout the video, Jetey’s magnetic energy and soulful voice are on full display, while Foxie’s stunning beauty and magnetic presence make her the perfect complement to Jetey’s performance. The chemistry between the two is palpable and their playful interactions are a testament to the good loving, and healthy type relationship that the song celebrates.

Director, Fif Wilson did an exceptional job of capturing the chemistry between Jetey and Foxie Silver, with each frame exuding a sense of intimacy and passion. The camera angles and movements perfectly capture the energy and emotion of the track, with close-up shots of the performers’ faces and bodies adding to the video’s overall sensuality.

Overall, the music video for ‘Goosebumps’ is a masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of the song and elevates it to new heights. Jetey and Foxie’s magnetic energy and chemistry, coupled with Fif Wilson’s creative direction, make this video a must-see for music lovers and fans of stunning visual art alike.

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