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JUSAG serves notice of intended strike action

The Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana( JUSAG) has given the government a five-day ultimatum to implement a proposal submitted by the judicial council on salary income.

JUSAG newly elected leaders sworn into office

According to JUSAG, no action has been taken by President Akufo-Addo, on the council report submitted in 2021 for approval and subsequent payment of the agreed percentage.

The association argues that the current economic condition has heightened the suffering for its members, hence, the need for government to urgently attend to their demands.

“Our COLA has been withdrawn, and we don’t have any new salary compelled to our colleagues, we go to the market with the same public workers, and the new taxes have been hit by everyone,” Abdulai Yakubu General Secretary of Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana said.

In a separate statement, the association said: “We refer to our letter dated 5 May 2023 with reference number JUSAG/HQ/NP/052/2023 addressed to the President of the Republic of Ghana seeking approval of the recommendation/advice of the Judicial Council on the review of salaries and related allowances for staff of the Judicial Service in accordance with Article 149 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. Even though our economic situation has deteriorated due to the adverse economic situation in the country coupled with the withdrawal of the cost of living allowance in December 2022, we have been patient for four months now.”

“The rank and file of our members are very much aggrieved and agitated. We have given the president of Ghana up to Friday, 12th of May 2023 to approve and implement reviewed salaries with all the arrears from January 2023”.

The memo issued by JUSAG General Secretary Abdulai Yakubu said a full-blow strike will be declared from Monday, May 22 if within the preceding week, the government does not attend to their resentments.

“Our indefinite strike shall remain in force, until we have the approval and payment of the new salaries with all the arrears from January to May 2023.”




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