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Kenya’s Maandy is Spotify EQUAL Africa artist for May

Kenyan artist Maandy has been announced as Spotify’s EQUAL Africa for May.

“Being a part of the EQUAL programme means a lot to me,” Maandy said. “I feel seen and appreciated for my work as a woman in the music industry,” Navigating a male-dominated industry requires composure and a lot of resilience. As intimidating as it might get sometimes, one has to realise they have just as much right to occupy these spaces as the men.”

Maandy joins other Kenyan musical titans such as Muthoni DQ, Nikita Kering’ and Xeniah Manasseh who have also been Spotify EQUAL ambassadors in the past. EQUAL Africa seeks to spotlight and amplify the voices of African female artists breaking down barriers and making waves in music. In addition, it amplifies their music by exposing their catalogue to global listenership.

Maandy began her musical career in 2016, churning out bold and high quality music while steadily growing her fanbase. Some fan favourites since then include Sirudi Home, Shash na Lipgloss and BTW.

‘’At Spotify we feel privileged to be able to support and usher in the next wave of talented female artists to new audiences across the globe. We are very proud of Maandy and her contributions to the genre and will continue to support her as she grows as an artist,: says Phiona Okumu, Spotify’s Head of Music in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The EQUAL initiative aims to provide female musicians with the resources and assistance they need to boost their careers and engage with audiences around the world via various playlists. The recipients also receive off-platform coaching and resources to advance their musical careers even further. The Kenyan singer will be listed as an EQUAL Africa artist on the EQUAL Africa and EQUAL Global playlists.



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