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Kojo Efson’s ‘Who Send Dem’ delivers a powerful message of resilience and self-discovery

Ghana’s emerging artist, Kojo Efson returns with his latest single, ‘Who Send Dem.’ This Hip-Hop track, produced by the exceptional, Tanic J delves deep into Kojo Efson’s journey of self- discovery, growth and unwavering resilience. ‘Who Send Dem’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

Kojo Efson, who earned a well-deserved nomination for “Discovery of the Year GH/USA” at the prestigious Ghana Entertainment Awards USA 2023, is proving beyond doubt that he’s here to stay.

When asked about the inspiration behind ‘Who Send Dem,’ Kojo Efson had this to say: “Who Send Dem is a deeply personal song for me. I created it during a period of self-doubt, fueled by what I heard from others about myself. So, ‘Who Send Dem’ is a message to my doubters and a reminder to the world that Kojo Efson is destined for greatness.” ‘Who Send Dem’ lays bare Kojo Efson’s vulnerabilities and challenges, using his music as a platform for self-empowerment and motivation. The track is a reflection of his determination and authenticity as an artist unafraid to embrace his own experiences.

Kojo Efson’s consistency in delivering outstanding music has been a hallmark of his career. Following the recognition gained from his debut EP “Afrodisiac,” he continues to impress fans and listeners. ‘Who Send Dem’ underscores his maturity and versatility, showcasing the depth of his talent and the emotional resonance of his music.

Kojo Efson’s contribution to the Ghanaian music scene is refreshing. With each release, he adds a unique dimension to the ever-evolving landscape of Ghanaian music. His work inspires aspiring artists and reflects the rich diversity of Ghanaian music. Kojo Efson’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his art mirror his love for music.

As ‘Who Send Dem’ graces the airwaves and social media, Kojo Efson hopes this song becomes a beacon of hope for those navigating their personal journeys through the noise and steering clear of detractors. With this release, he invites listeners to share in his growth and resilience, reminding us all that greatness is within reach.

Listen now and experience the magic of Kojo Efson’s artistry.



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