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Kuami Eugene Figured In Another Lyrics Copying.

Kuami Eugene

Adane Best, one of the unique and traditional musicians in Ghana has accused Kuami Eugene of replicating lyrics from him without giving due props. 

The “Mama Mia” crooner in an interview motioned that Kuami Eugene reproduced some of his lyrics and melodies but never gave him the needed acknowledgement.

He shared with the host, “Kuami Eugene is good, I like him, but if you listen to his songs, you will hear my mama mama mama mama “Eeeyyyyyeeeyy”. That he took from me, he should acknowledge he copied that from me, he should come out clear and make it known he copied that from me.” He ended. 

Though Adane Best did not explicitly tell his song from which Kuami cloned  the lyrics, our investigations reveals it was his “Mama Mia” song.

Kuami has been known for using “Eeeyyyyyeeeyy” preluding, and in-between his songs but never have we traced it back to Adane till he spoke about it. If you listen to his “Wish me Well” you will hear some similarity with the melody of Adane Best.

Notwithstanding, if you ask me, I will tell you it’s not wrong to pick inspiration from a song belonging to another. Kuami has explained that when he was accused twice of the act and I think we should allow the budding talent to blossom. 

Infra is the interview granted by Adane Best and a link to Kuami’s “Wish me well” as against Adane Best’s “Mama Mia.” Be the best judge.


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