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“Lately One Member Of An Artiste Team Goes To Shows With A Gun” – Edem.

Ghanaian rapper, Denning Edem Hotor known as Edem in the music circles today on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty made a shocking revelation about how artiste and their team members go to shows with a licensed Gun.

The Ghanaian recording artist and entertainer who was responding to a comment he made about himself and ex label mate Agbeko, “I have had a beef with Agbeko in the past. He is never going to be my friend and if I catch him dying, I wouldn’t save him.” The above comment was met with backlash.

Edem who reluctantly retracted his statement said Ghanaians are hypocritical about this things and we refuse to tell our true feelings. Going on about how beefs have affected the industry, Edem dropped a bombshell on how lately arts go to shows with guns to protect themselves.

He said, “Beefs are used to kill people’s career, someone will not get gigs or go off, there is something if I tell you, you will be shocked, do you know that nowadays when artiste goes for shows, a team member has a licensed gun, in this country, when we go for shows someone is strapped with a gun, why does it has to be that way?”

Edem who does not believe in beefs said, he wants to be friends with everybody and if you disrespect him, he will not be your friend anymore and will care less about things that concern you.

Today, the second edition of a music and cultural festival dubbed ‘Edemfest’, which is being organised by him, will take place in Keta in the Volta Region. Make time to pass through if you are close.



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