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Nigerian dancehall singer and rapper Layydoe has released a 5-track project titled “Epiphany.” The project is a follow-up to her successful collaborations with Olamide, Fiokee, and Duncan Mighty, which showcases Layydoe’s journey of growth, accomplishment, and maturity in sound.

Juliet Chinenye Oguledo, popularly known as Layydoe, is an Afro dancehall artiste. She is the energy goddess. Hailing from Imo state, Nigeria, she moved around from Kano to Port Harcourt before settling in Lagos.

The EP title represents a sudden revelation of who Layydoe truly is and her unique story. It’s a personal and incredible journey that testifies to the power of self-discovery, which she invites everyone to join her on.

Much like the classic tale, “Epiphany” sees Layydoe wear her heart on her sleeve as she details a tale of love, heartbreak, and moving forward.

Speaking on the EP, she shares, “It feels overwhelmingly exciting because this is the most challenging and exciting project I ever worked on. I poured my heart and soul into it. It came with a lot of blessings and stress, which is why I said it was overwhelming and exciting. But in all, I’m super proud and grateful to God for making it happen.”

The production was led by Deeyasso, Poposky, and Yalababayala, creating a refreshing sound that lets Layydoe shine.
One guest feature on the EP, ZORO Swagbag on the opening track as he compliments her storytelling. With an exciting voice, brilliant storytelling, and a diverse genre reach, Layydoe commands attention with her charisma, intonation, and delivery.
The EP is now available on all Streaming platforms.



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